how many times have you consider a goal, but done nothing with it?

or even, you’ve started, but it doesn’t take long to drop off

our focus on CJ Training is to take this the full distance

no half measures, whatever the goal is, that is the result we achieve


it doesn’t matter what phase you’re in, you still need to perform!

and, performance comes in many different shapes and sizes inside and outside of the gym

increasing intensity in the gym, pushing new levels of fitness

all of this will develop a performance mindset, and a performance approach to everything you do

download 10 pillars to total mental performance guide


one of the biggest areas we focus on is, the client and coach relationship

if there isn’t communication, trust and understanding, the results process will break down

this is why we have the app, the community platform alongside multiple touch points through the week

results are achieved together, as a team!