Fast & Effective Weight Loss Results

Fast and effective weight loss results delivered by me, Christian Summers. My online training and nutrition plans have helped hundreds of people achieve their fat loss goals.

Online Weight Loss Coaching

People are aware that nutrition and fitness training are directly related to fat loss. What’s not always mentioned is that every method can’t be applied to every person.

We develop a nutrition plan and training plan that you can stick to that is aligned with your lifestyle and goals.

Will Smith,

53.5 lb Lost so Far

- 53, 5lb weight loss
- More Muscle
- Office Job 08:30-17:30
- 4 x Weight Sessions Per Week
- Step Goal
- No Cardio
- Flexible Nutrition Plan

Sam Hirst,

122 lb lost so Far

- 123lb weight loss
- More Muscle
- Works 60 Hour Weeks as a Bus Mechanic
- 4 x Weight Sessions Per Week
- Cardio Goal
- Step Goal
- Flexible Nutrition Plan

Adam Barker,

48 lb lost so Far

- 48lb weight loss
- More Muscle
- Works 40 Hours Per Week Manual Job
- 4 x Weight Sessions Per Week
- Cardio Goal
- Step Goal
- Flexible Nutrition Plan

The Difficulty of Fat Loss

For most people who are overweight, their body is actually working against them. Energy is low, even though energy intake (via calories) is usually high. And Confidence is also low. Making it difficult to take that leap forwards on your own.

The fundamentals though are pretty straightforward to fat loss. Eat less, do more exercise and stay consistent. But if it’s so simple why’s it so hard?

There is no one answer. Through years of experience as a fat loss coach, I’ve been able to identify and rectify many of the mistakes you may be experiencing yourself right now.

Mistakes when trying to lose weight

– Lack of structure.
– Setting unrealistic targets.
– Adopting diets that are restrictive and unsustainable.
– Lack of knowledge.
– Being deceived by what you actually eat vs what you believe you eat.
– Pursuing the most recent fitness craze for a few weeks.
– Concentrating just on cardio training.
– Not being held accountable to complete your goals.
– Lacking a long-term perspective.

The Truth About Weight Loss

When it comes to fat loss coaching, there is no magic secret. Losing weight is a process. We can not achieve the same results in one week as we can in one year, dedication and consistency are key.

When we try to slim down and repeatedly fail, it can cause a false stigma about losing body fat.

“I can’t lose weight because of my genetics”
“Fat loss can’t be achieved for someone like me”
“I’m too old to lose weight”
“I’ve tried everything and can’t lose weight”

Through my knowledge, experience and results I’ve been able to prove all of the above wrong with my satisfied clients.

Metrics from True Coach mobile app for fitness trainers


What makes the process we use so effective and efficient is that we measure and track every relevant variable in the fat loss process.

We score sleep, physical well-being, mood, nutrition and output weekly to ensure the following weeks plan is aligned with your current state. This allows the fat loss program to be optimised for you.

We analyse progress together to achieve the best results possible. We do this via a weekly check-in to optimise your plan in order to produce consistent and effective results week after week, and month after month.

Become The Best Version of yourself

I offer 3 coaching packages.
You pick the package, place your order, and we begin the online personal training process together.

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One-Off Plan

£ 169
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan
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£ 199
  • Personalised Training Program
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Support
  • Weekly Check-ins
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Premium Plus

£ 1095
  • 6 Months of Premium Coaching
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Support
  • Weekly Check-ins

Online Weight Loss Packages Include

In my online fat loss training, I implement tried and tested strategies to get consistent and effective results.

You don’t just get me as your online fat loss coach, I’m your online exercise technique coach, your online nutrition coach, and your online accountability coach.

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    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Online Weight Loss Training

    There isn’t one simple answer to that question as so many variables come into losing weight, not just for women. As many people know, finding the right diet and nutrition plan can be difficult if it isn’t tailored to you. This is where a diet and nutrition coach come into place, as Your custom diet plan is made to measure for You.

    I’m a personal trainer based in Huddersfield UK, but anyone anywhere can lose fat and weight through my online fitness coaching. We create a fitness package together that best suits your life wherever you are, with whatever previous fitness and nutrition knowledge you have.

    My personal trainer journey began at the of 23, I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with two degrees in Strength & Conditioning, performance training for professional athletes.