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Here’s a little bit about me and how I got started as a personal trainer in Huddersfield, to understand my full journey we’re going to have to start right at the beginning.

How I got started as a One to One Personal Trainer in Huddersfield

My Story...

I started training at the age of 12, curling my mum’s 3kg dumbbells. That’s right, curling 3kg dumbbells for sets of 50 reps trying to get biceps like Arnold and The Rock. Looking back, I just wanted to feel confident in my own skin and get stronger so that I had a competitive advantage in rugby. After seeing the small increments of progression, I instantly felt better. From There, I was hooked!

At age 14, I was fortunate enough to receive a bench press for my birthday. Much to my dad’s dismay when I regularly dropped 10kg plates on the floor of my bedroom, thus breaking the lights in the kitchen in the room below. Oh well, nevertheless, progress was being achieved.

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Five years down the line I headed off to the University of Central Lancashire. Pursue an education in Strength & Conditioning. Another 4 years and 2 degrees later, I started personal training in Huddersfield by writing training/diet plans for friends on the side whilst I applied for jobs.

This is where I found My True Love (other than Penny Lund), helping people from all backgrounds. The realisation hit me when I was helping people achieve their goals and ultimately Feel Better about themselves. Even those who seemed to want to train purely for vanity, did so to feel great!

This is where I began to feel the most fulfilled, I ever have. I was helping people get that same feeling I got when I was doing bicep curls with my mum’s 3kg dumbbells all of them years ago! Improving people’s confidence, mental well-being and sense of self-worth is something I will NEVER take for granted.

My Goal is to deliver all these benefits to you too!

Enough About me, I want to hear about you

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How I Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Online personal training packages are designed to work around you and your routine. Being the Ideal solution for busy professionals and family-orientated individuals

Customized online PT packages that can be used to fit whatever is going on in your life. As an online personal trainer, we work together towards your goals, achieved by creating meal plans to suit your body, exercise and gym regimens, and staying accountable.

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